Data and Technology Solutions


ClinIntell is a data analytics firm that pioneered patient population severity reporting through the analysis of claims data. Our sophisticated analytics and metrics enable acute care organizations to optimize reimbursement and risk adjustment reporting via a lean, provider-focused approach.

How We Help:

  1. Immediately identify under-documented clinically significant conditions, and illuminate true CMI and quality-risk-adjustment opportunities.
  2. Deliver proven playbooks with 80/20 SMART strategies down to the physician-group level to achieve accurate documentation of clinically significant conditions.
  3. Deploy tailored, non-intrusive physician education, coupled with performance reporting, to promote ownership and accountability.

Unlike traditional approaches that rely on benchmark data from other institutions to inform reactive, query-based strategies, or that require expensive, time-intensive consultants to analyze large bodies of data, ClinIntell delivers a proactive, sustainable approach that focuses on behavior change of providers and results in accurate reimbursement and recognition for quality care delivered.

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