Data and Technology Solutions


Xsolis is a platform, data science and solutions innovator focused on creating a more efficient and frictionless healthcare system. Our solutions eliminate waste through the science of data — using automation, transparency, and objective insights — to ensure appropriateness of care.

How We Help

  • Connecting Care Teams: Our purpose-built solutions dedicated to supporting the unique needs of utilization review, care management, and Physician Advisors allow these teams to leverage the same analytics, creating alignment and efficiencies across the organization.
  • Optimizing Revenue Integrity: By combining the power of Machine Learning and objectivity from Xsolis’ AI with revenue cycle outcomes, our solutions enable providers to reduce revenue leakage and rework
  • Improving Length of Stay Management: Offering AI and ML-driven predictions about discharge targets early in the encounter, our data-driven predictions enable proactive planning, provide information about discharge readiness and barriers to drive workflow towards optimal length of stay.
  • Streamlining Payer-Provider Collaboration: Our insightful, AI-driven solutions give providers and payers ​a shared view of real-time data to improve communication, accelerate alignment, and automate redundant, administrative tasks.
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